Vera Vision—We Like Her, Too


When his wife suggested they go a bar, Paul thought it was a good idea. But when she wanted to take home one of the servers to have sex with, Paul thought he hit the fucking jackpot.

The evening started as normal as usual—dinner, conversation and maybe some T.V. But Ashley was very tired of doing the same mundane routine over and over. She wanted and needed some change, if just for once. The Palace was a hole in the wall that was a five-minute drive from their home. The name of the bar was a bit of an oxymoron. There was just a few TV’s, a couple of pool tables, and a few arcade machines. It was perfect for the locals and occasional bikers. Something to visit after a long day of work and just shoot the shit with other locals. But The Palace would have another meaning to Paul and Ashley after one fateful night. It was the night Ashley became an expert at eating pussy while Paul discovered a second career as cameraman.

During drinks, the women were flirty with each other, complimenting each other’s clothing, body and even breast size. But as the liquor flowed, the inhibitions were lowered. Ashley and Monique became quite playful with each other. A small touch on the arm here; some hand-holding there. Then the women began to compare cup size with Paul being the judge. Next, the women bumped and grinded with each other to R&B songs. It was a matter of time before the playful flirting turned into a full-blown make out session after the bar had closed. Ashley was sitting down on one of the stools while Monique straddled her legs. They caressed each other’s breasts and asses. Paul began to wonder if the women were going to fuck in the bar.

“Take me home,” Monique whispered.

“You got it,” Ashley replied.

There was something incredibly sexy about watching two women have sex. Two sets of tits. Two asses. Two wet clits. Paul didn’t really want to participate as much as he wanted to watch them get it on. Monique was stacked. Her bouncy breasts were begged to be played with and her body was tight due to the strenuous workouts she did. She was a petite female, standing at 5″4 at the very most. But baby girl had it going on and her tanned skin. She was a lovely comparison to Ashley, who was model-tall, had perky breasts and had a darker complexion. Paul smiled as he looked at his own real-life chocolate and vanilla swirl.

He relaxed on the couch and smoked a cigar as he watched the show unfold before him. Monique’s head was shaking from side to side as she ate Ashley’s pussy. Ashley’s back arched off the floor as she pinched her dark nipples. She moaned quietly as she let Monique’s expert tongue please her clit. Monique then switched her positioning so she could fully concentrate on Ashley’s clit. She spread apart her pink folds and focused on the tiny pearl. To Monique, eating pussy was a science—either one was good at it or it sucked. There were no two ways about it.

But Ashley wasn’t going to be satisfied until she had a taste….

*Above model is Jessica Drue; photography is by Elizabeth Chiyoko*