Vera Vision—We Like Her, Too Pt. 2

Meanwhile, Ashley was in heaven. How marvelous and heavenly it felt! Monique alternated between fingering Ashley and licking her clit, not sure which she liked best. It was Monique’s ego at stake. It was all about getting her partner off. The teasing shit was for amateurs according to her. But Ashley wanted a taste as well.

She stopped Monique from licking her. Ashley then motioned for Monique to sit on her face. Monique willingly complied. She got on her hands and knees and crawled backwards until her wet pussy was met by Ashley’s lips. She then laid on top of her new lover and began to eat her pussy again as Ashley returned the favor.

Ashley only had a little experience with women from her college days. But she always had an urging to satisfy her lesbian desires. When she began licking Monique’s vanilla folds again, it was like she didn’t lose a step. Her tongue was hungry and eager for Monique’s clit and Ashley didn’t waste any time. For the next several minutes, the women pleasured each other with their tongues and occasional fingers.

Ashley tried to put off her orgasm as long as she could, but it was no use. Her body rolled into several waves of orgasm as she cried out. Her senses were topsy-turvy and Ashley felt like she was floating throughout space.

But the party wasn’t over. Paul was tired of watching and not participating. While the girls were pleasing each other, he stripped off his clothing. He stroked his hard cock, getting it ready for the right moment. When his wife came, Paul knew it was his cue. He kneeled over Ashley’s face and directly behind Moinque’s ass. He quickly stuck a Trojans Ribbed for Her condom on and began to fuck Monique’s wet and tight pussy. He didn’t waste any time with long and slow strokes. Monique needed a fucking and Paul was going to give her one.

He grabbed onto her lips for leverage as he continued to thrust hard inside her. Monique’s pussy was just as tight as her body. Paul felt her muscles were sucking him with every stroke. Her pussy felt so tight and so hot, Paul thought he was going to explode at any moment.

Meanwhile, Ashley continued to lick Monique’s clit as her husband fucked her. The sensation of being licked and fucked was too much for Monique and she came hard all over Ashley’s tongue. Paul soon pulled out of Monique and quickly disposed of the condom. He then shot some of his load over Monique’s ass and a little into his wife’s eager mouth. For the rest of the night, the threesome would fuck a few more times before eventually drifting off to sleep. When Monique went to work earlier, she was hoping to get a big tip. Little did she know it would come in the form of one the greatest sexual experiences in her life.