Vera Vision—The Mirror


There was no way in hell Bella was going to let Mike videotape their sex sessions. He could plead, cry and beg but he was never going to see her on video. Why in the hell did he have to see her on video, anyway? He always said he had a photographic memory and Bella wondered why his brain wasn’t taking any active pictures of her naked body.

Besides that, Bella wasn’t interested in watching her own personal porno and even entertaining the idea was pretty silly. But when her husband suggested they try having sex in front of the mirror instead, Bella wasn’t sure if she was down to watch a live porno of herself, either. But that all changed one rather boring and mundane night at home.

It was a nice and romantic evening at home. The couple finished eating dinner and put their daughter to bed. They were casually watching TV when Mike began playing with Bella’s buttons on her shirt. Bella kept pushing Mike’s hands away but he would just gradually move them back down her blouse. Bella would never notice until he already undid one button was working on the next one.

“Horny, babe?” She facetiously asked.

“Maybe a little,” Mike smiled.

Bella preferred to finish watching the episode of COPS she was so engrossed in but she also knew she if let Mike continue with his antics, she was going to be naked by the end of commercials. “Let’s go,” she laughed as she stood up. Bella’s shirt was already half-open. There was no use to fight it.

“Right behind you,” Mike replied.

When the pair entered the bedroom, Bella had an idea to spice up the already erotic evening. She recently purchased the Yours and Mine lubricant from a local sex shop. She was curious to see how it would feel since the commercials always guaranteed mind-blowing sex. “Did you want to test drive?” She held up the lubricants.

Mike shrugged. He didn’t need any help for what he was going to do to his wife but he was game. “Sure. Why not?”

The pair’s lovemaking sessions always began the same. Passionate kissing, hugging, and a little moaning. But Mike wanted to try something different. Once the pair was naked, Mike moved to the foot of the king-sized bed they shared and instructed Bella to sit in front of him. Mike then grabbed the bottles of Yours and Mine from the dresser and the couple put the corresponding lubricant on them.

Next, Mike slightly picked Bella up and sat her on top of him, sheathing his hard cock completely inside her. Her pussy was hot and tight. Her muscles pulsated around Mike’s shaft, causing a pulsating effect.  The sudden pressure caused small coos to escape Bella’s lips. Holding his wife’s waist, Mike skimmed Bella’s neck with his lips as he watched her in the mirror.

“Watch us, baby,” he murmured, “watch us fuck each other.”

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