Vera Vision—The Mirror, Pt. 2

Mike guided his wife in a rocking motion and told her to lock eyes with his through the mirror. They watched as their bodies once again became one. He breathed and panted against her earlobe. “Mmm…you feel so good,” he moaned in her ear.

“Mike…” Bella moaned.

“Mmm…” he moaned again, “watch us, baby. Watch me move inside you.”

Focusing on the erotic image in front of her, Bella watched him thrust inside of her. It was so incredibly hot watching her husband fuck her pussy. She never thought it would be arousing but Bella was surprisingly turned on. She couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her. His cock was so wet with her juices, it was better than anything that had seen in porn. Mike then moved Bella faster on his shaft, studying her reaction and cupping her soft and tender breasts. Meanwhile, Bella kept her focus on her husband. Her eyes swayed from his eyes to the pumping motion she watched intently in the mirror. Mike then moved a hand down to Bella’s opening and began to play with her. His eyes were still fixated on her, watching her every reaction.

“You like that?” Mike whispered.

“Oh God, fuck yes!” Bella cried.

Mike removed his hand and traced one of Bella’s nipples with his fingers, still wet from playing with her clit. He then moved his fingers to her mouth, and Bella sucked hungrily on them as if it was her last meal. Mike then removed his fingers and made his way back to her nub and played with it again. “You’re so wet for me, baby.”

“Oh Mike…” Bella moaned.

Mike licked the beads of sweat from the nape of his wife’s neck. He squeezed her breasts more and pumped harder inside her. He then turned his attention to the mirror to watch her reaction. She looked so ht with her head tossed back in the throes of passion. Ecstasy was all over her face and he could tell Bella was about cum at any moment. “Mmm…you feel so tight.”

Bella felt her body begin to tense up. Mike’s dirty talk always pushed her off the edge when she was already tiptoeing. She couldn’t contain the feeling any longer. “I’m cumming.”

“Look at me when you cum,” Mike taunted.

Within seconds, Bella had one of her best orgasms ever. Her pussy clenched his cock tightly and for a second, Mike thought he was about to cum. But Bella’s gaze never left Mike’s as he continued thrust inside her. Mike watched Bella come down from her high before he shifted her off his cock. He then laid her on the bed and wrapped her legs around his waist. Hovering over her, Mike began moving faster inside his wife. He put her legs on his shoulders and moved so fast inside her hot core, his balls were slapping against her folds. Bella’s breathing became sporadic and in short spurts. She tried to contain the feeling but her body wouldn’t let her. “Oh fuck…oh…oh…”

“Cum for me, baby,” Mike moaned.

“Oh God, oh God yes…”Bella moaned as her body once again shook from the pleasure.

Hearing Bella once climax turned on Mike even more as he increased his pace and came inside her shortly afterwards. He rolled off her and collapsed beside her in the bed. The Yours and Mine was just like the commercials, except better.