Vera Vision—The Dinner, Pt. 2


There is a saying: Be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it. Ali wished Marc would be a bit more adventurous with their lovemaking. She was not expecting this shit. She found herself with a wet pussy, bulging clit and Marc smirking at her like he knew an inside joke and wasn’t telling her.

“Are you going to finish?” She finally asked. If he wasn’t going to do it, she’ll be glad to.

Marc felt up his girlfriend’s thighs and kissed her bare navel. “I have other things in mind,” he whispered.

“Oh, you fucking better have,” Ali was not amused.

Marc playfully slapped Ali’s ass and winked at her. “Ready to go?”

Ali sighed. She wanted to get off not go to fucking dinner. “Yes,” she hissed.

The drive to the dinner was relatively short but Ali it felt like an extended road trip. She thought for sure Marc was going to try to get her off in the car but he focused on the road and his CD player. He talked about politics, health-care reform, even ESPN highlights. He talked about everything but getting Ali off. She wasn’t sure if that was a part of his ploy or he was really that dense to her heat. When the couple finally arrived at the restaurant, they’re seated in a private booth. They look over the menu briefly before proceeding to order cocktails. Ali wanted to shake her head. The teasing at their apartment was just that. I should’ve known.

Marc suddenly surprised his girlfriend. He kissed her earlobe and brought out the wireless remote. “Are you ready?” He asked.

Ali’s eyes widen. She had a hint why Marc bought the panties to begin with but she didn’t actually think he was going to play with her pussy in public. The joking and taunting was officially over. Marc wanted to see her cum and in front of strangers. Honestly, Ali wasn’t sure if she was ready but it was too late. She hurriedly took a couple of sips of her martini to calm her nerves. Maybe her boyfriend was kinkier than she thought.

A few deep breaths later, Ali motioned to Marc to turn on the vibe, which he did. He began slow and turned it on to the lowest setting. Immediately, Ali felt a tingling sensation on her clit. It was almost ticklish but it felt great. Meanwhile, Marc’s left hand was in between her thighs as he gauged Ali’s reaction. She was calm and demure—not exactly what Marc had in mind or wanted. It was definitely time to change that.

Gripping her thigh more firmly, Marc move the setting higher—just when the server is back to take their order. He engaged in friendly conversation with the server about the weather, sports, whatever. Even went as far as talking to the server about the specials in intricate detail. Meanwhile, he moved the vibrator setting to the highest possible, guaranteed to give Ali an orgasm immediately.

Her breathing grew from occasional deep breaths to sudden and sporadic. Ali clutched Marc’s right thigh to have some sort of control but it was a moot point. He wanted to see her climax in front of another person who has no idea what the hell is going on. He was about to get his wish. Within seconds, Ali’s body shuddered and she came all over her new toy. It took every bit of restraint not to scream and Ali was slowly losing her composure. She tapped Marc’s thighs a few times, signaling him to turn off the toy. He quickly obliged and the couple proceeded with their order. After the server left, Marc leaned over to kiss Ali’s earlobe as she collapsed against his body.

Their night was only just beginning, and dinner hasn’t been served yet…

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