Vera Vision—The Dinner, Pt. 1


I bought you something special to wear to dinner tonight. Let me know how it feels. –Marc

Ali smiled as she read the note from her boyfriend. On the bed, there was a large box with a bow on it. Marc wasn’t full of surprises—he was known to tell people exactly what they were getting for their birthday and Christmas so there would be no returned gifts. So Ali was a little caught off guard by his generosity. She put her wandering mind on silent and hastily ripped open the gift to see what Marc had surprised her with. The big box was merely a ruse for what Marc had bought for his girlfriend.

A set of crotchless vibrating panties. What. The. Fuck.

Ali laughed as she studied the package. Was he serious? This gift was coming from a guy who giggled whenever they went inside Frederick’s of Hollywood. The same guy who would critique the acting of porn stars. The same guy who would go into a sex shop and study the ingredients in the lubricants. They always say watch out for the quiet ones. The quiet ones were the worst kind. Still, Ali was curious as to what Marc had planned. She showered quickly and dressed in a long skirt, heels and low-cut top. She then put on the crotchless panties. The panties felt surprisingly comfortable, despite the vibrator pressing against her clit. There was an attached wire with a handheld control. Ali then knew what Marc meant about how the panties felt. He was going to get her off during dinner. An uncontrollable smile formed on her face.

Ali was really looking forward to dinner that night.

Marc came home and found his girlfriend putting the finishing touches on her makeup. A week prior, Marc perused through various online sex stores, without any intention of buying. He just wanted to get a good laugh and then log off. But when he came across the crotchless panties, the temptation was just too great not to buy them. It then became a matter for Ali to wear them. Needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised to see she humored his off-beat request and decided to wear them. Now the real fun was going to begin.

Marc sat behind Ali and continued to watch her primp herself. She was stunning with light makeup and blood-red lipstick to bring out her pout. Her chestnut hair flowed against her shoulders, moving ever so slightly by the ceiling fan breeze. But her attire for the evening was a stunner: a long, body-hugging skirt with matching top. It hugged every inch of her delicious body and Marc felt himself getting an erection just staring at his girlfriend. Maybe he was staring too hard. Ali turned around to the feeling of prying eyes. He motioned her to lift her skirt just slightly and she complied. Right before Marc’s eyes was the crotchless panties. Ali also wore a garter to keep the remote in a secure area instead of dangling between her legs.

Marc took the control out of the garter and began to examine it. He turned on the vibe just a tad and Ali almost lost her footing. The sudden vibration against her pussy caught her off-guard and she forgot she was wearing the panties for a brief second. She steadied herself on Marc’s shoulders and relaxed as the vibration took over her body. It was a quiet buzz—soft enough where it was barely audible but powerful enough to let one know it was there. Marc tested the waters a bit more and turned the buzz up more. Ali cooed and sucked her teeth, trying to fight the sensation the buzz was having on her pussy. She felt herself creaming her new panties and her clit responding more to the vibration.

Just when she was about to cum, Marc suddenly stopped. Ali was about ready to slap her boyfriend silly.

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