Vera Vision Sneak Peek–Nipple Control, Pt. 2

Zoe wondered how many times she was going to have to go to the bathroom to change her panties. She had already made two trips and it was barely 11 AM.

Her Master was the expert at controlling her mind as well as her body. He knew she wasn’t going to disappoint Him. He knew she would do whatever it took to make Him happy, always putting her needs second. He also knew how to push her buttons without even trying. Maybe that’s what made their relationship work as well as it did. He gave direction; she willingly followed everything to a tee. But what He was pulling right now? Zoe wanted to slap the fuck out of Him.

Every time she moved, the fabric of her t-shirt brushed against the clamps, tickling her nipples. He had to have known the effect the nipple clamps were going to have on her body. For, there was no way He would’ve made such a request, otherwise. He knew something as small as nipple clamps probably didn’t look like a big deal at first. Put the clamps on and Zoe would go on about her merry way. But He knew something about Zoe that she didn’t know about herself—how to get her off without being anywhere near her. There was a reason why He was her Master.