Vera Vision—Nipple Control, Pt. 2

butterfly nips

Zoe wondered how many times she was going to have to go to the bathroom to change her panties. She had already made two trips and it was barely 11 AM.

Her Master was the expert at controlling her mind as well as her body. He knew she wasn’t going to disappoint Him. He knew she would do whatever it took to make Him happy, always putting her needs second. He also knew how to push her buttons without even trying. Maybe that’s what made their relationship work as well as it did. He gave direction; she willingly followed everything to a tee. But what He was pulling right now? Zoe wanted to slap the fuck out of Him.

Every time she moved, the fabric of her t-shirt brushed against the clamps, tickling her nipples. He had to have known the effect the nipple clamps were going to have on her body. There was no way He would’ve made such a request, otherwise. He knew something as small as nipple clamps probably didn’t look like a big deal at first. Put the clamps on and Zoe would go on about her merry way. But He knew something about Zoe that she didn’t know about herself—how to get her off without being anywhere near her. There was a reason why He was her Master.

Meanwhile, Zoe tried to distract herself from the tingling sensation her nipples were causing between her legs. Her body was burning like a California brush fire with no end in sight. She tried to concentrate on cleaning the apartment but it was no use. She found herself scraping against something just so she could feel the thrilling pleasure the clamps gave her. She thought about the reward her Master was going to give her to keep her mind focused. She needed to please Him.

Hours and several pairs of panties later, Zoe found herself patiently waiting for her Master to arrive home. She was in the living room reading a book when she heard the door opening. He was home. She breathed a sigh of relief. He was home and her reward would be soon. But she couldn’t relax quite yet. She still had to prove she was a good girl for him. Her Master walked over and stood in front of her. She immediately put her book down and locked eyes with Him. As protocol, she didn’t speak until He instructed. After several minutes of staring at each other, her Master finally spoke.

“Lift up your shirt,” He instructed.

Zoe grabbed her wife-beater with both hands and pulled it over her head. Her nipples were nice and hard. Her breasts, perky. Her Master was very pleased.

“Stand up,” He instructed again.

Zoe stood up and stood in front her Master, waiting for His next command. He then took the tiny chain that held the clamps together and tugged on it. Immediately, the clamps tighten on Zoe’s nipples. Zoe, however, did not react. The pleasure was immense but she didn’t know if she was allowed to express emotion so she waited. Again, the Master tugged on her clamps and the pleasure was more incredible than before. A small moan escaped Zoe’s lips. She tried hard to keep her emotions under control but it was useless. Every tug her Master gave her made the pressure on the nipples more pleasurable.

“Look into my eyes and don’t stop,” her Master ordered.

Zoe concentrated on her Master’s eyes, waiting for His next command. He moved a hand down to her wet clit and began to play with it. His free hand tugged on the nipple clamps more. It was torture for Zoe. She wanted to close her eyes and enjoy what He was doing to her but couldn’t break the explicit direction He gave her. Her lips trembled, her legs shook, and her body began to slowly convulse. She didn’t want the pleasure to end but she didn’t know how much longer she could bear it. Just making me cum already, please!

He must’ve read her thoughts. Zoe’s Master fingered her clit faster and she cried out in ecstasy. Her orgasm took over her body, making Zoe lose all coherent thoughts. She mumbled over and over, thanking God and speaking in tongues. Her legs gave out from underneath and her Master caught her just in time. He then picked her up and carried her to bed. He laid her down and watched her come down from her orgasmic high. Zoe then opened her eyes and looked over to her Master, who was smiling at her.

“I told you your reward was going to be a great one,” He whispered.

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