Vera Vision—Nipple Control, Pt. 1

butterfly nips

Put these on and wear them all day. If you’re a good girl, you’ll be rewarded greatly tonight.

Zoe was a very obedient submissive to her Master. She never questioned any request he had for her, though there were times she wondered exactly what he was thinking. So when she woke up to find a small gift on her kitchen counter, her mind began to spin. She hadn’t even opened the box before she wondered what reward her Master could’ve been referring to. It had to have been a pretty big one for something she would have to wear all day. Curious, she opened the small gift box. She smiled upon seeing her new gift.

Nipple clamps. It was butterfly nipple clamps paired with a link chain. The clamp covered the entire areola, with a small bar pressed against the nipple. Zoe’s face formed a huge smile. In passing, she mentioned wearing those particular clamps and was curious to see how they felt. Her Master, as usual, remembered every single detail about her. He remembered what she was wearing when they first met at a coffee shop. He remembered her friends’ names and their occupations. He remembered her apprehension when they were first intimate and how he calmed her down with his eyes, not words. Yes, Master remembered everything; however, there would be a time to reminisce fondly later. She had an assignment to do and she was not about to disappoint Him.

Zoe stripped off her clothing and stood bare in front of the mirror before her. She then carefully opened up the package and took out the clamps, setting them aside. She carefully examined them, curious as to how they were shaped. The texture was surprisingly soft; almost a velvety feel. Zoe then wrapped her hair into a bun so it wouldn’t distract her from her assignment. With her hair in place, Zoe proceeded to put the clamps on her nipples and adjusted them so they remained in place. The clamps were surprisingly comfortable. They didn’t pinch like other clamps she’s tried before and they weren’t painful. Normally, her Master would submit her to bobby pins and the like. Zoe couldn’t lie; those damn things hurt like hell.

But the nipple clamps she was wearing at the moment felt surprisingly comfortable. In fact, maybe they were a little too comfortable. Zoe was getting aroused just by having the clamps on. They were causing a tingling sensation she didn’t know she had in her nipples. It was a light pinching feeling but not hurtful in any way. The feeling was very sexual and it definitely made Zoe think about paying more attention to her breasts during masturbation and foreplay from that moment on. But she couldn’t get off; she wasn’t allowed to.

It was then she had an epiphany: her reward would be a good one if she could resist playing with herself all day. Heat was building in between her legs and her panties were already moist from her wetness. She took deep breaths to calm herself down but it was no use. She could either get off and be punished harshly or grin and bear the torture. Damn you, Master, she cursed. It was 8:30 AM. She wouldn’t see her Master until 6 PM when he got off from work.

It was going to be a long day.

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