Vera Vision–All Tied Up, Pt. 2


Jason didn’t know how he came up with the idea of tying up his wife. He might have been watching porn or entertaining a random thought behind the computer screen one night. But when the thought entered his head, it was impossible to remove it. He and Molly have walked a little on the kinky side before but nothing too wild or extreme. Some whipped cream here. Some ice cubes there. One night they experimented with hot wax. Molly considered their experiments to be really kinky. Little did she know Jason was just getting started.

Thus began his quest to convince his wife to let him tie her up. He wasn’t planning to do anything dangerous and would never put her in harm’s way. But he needed to spice up their sex life. Several weeks of begging and pleading paid off finally. Now it was time to get down to business. He led her to their bedroom and slowly undressed her. He wasn’t trying to rush the night and wanted to make sure she was very comfortable. Once Molly assured Jason she was, he wasted no time. “Get on the bed and spread her legs,” he demanded.

Molly was taken aback by Jason’s tone. He was forceful but sexy. It was a side of him she didn’t know existed but she definitely liked it.  She quickly crawled on the bed and spread eagle. Then she impatiently waited. Jason walked over to her and placed a blindfold on her face.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

Truth to be told, Molly wasn’t sure. She was supposed to trust her husband but at the moment, she could honestly say she wasn’t sure. She hesitated. “Ye…yes…”

“Do you trust me?” Jason repeated.

“Yes!” Molly almost screamed out. What has gotten into her husband?

Satisfied with his wife’s answer, Jason took out the thin and sturdy rope. He tied Molly’s hands to the headboard and her feet to the footboard.  Next, he took out some baby oil and rubbed his hands together. He then smoothed his hands all over her body, touching her most intimate parts. He massaged her thick and muscular legs. Jason always thought his wife was an athlete in her former life due to how built her legs were. He loved caressing them when they were against his chest. He really liked how they wrapped around his legs as he made love to her missionary-style.  Next Jason moved his attention to Molly’s breasts.  They were small, probably a B-cup but to Jason, that was plenty. He didn’t need more he could hold. He loved the way they bounced when she ran or when she was in a hurry.  He caressed her breasts softly and gently pinched the nipples, letting Molly know he meant business.

Jason then focused his attention to Molly’s clit. Despite her uncertainty, he could tell she was aroused. The little nub stuck out like a bud in a flower. It was waiting to be pleasured and licked endlessly. The smell was intoxicating and at the same time indescribable.  He stripped off his clothing and kneeled on the bed, his nose just hovering over his wife’s beautiful clit. He then licked it once, and then waited. He licked it again and then waited. He would repeat this process for several minutes. It was his way of playing with her body and mind. Sweet torture he was giving her.

Molly begged to differ. If she wasn’t tied up, she would probably kick her husband in his fucking teeth for being such a damn tease. Molly writhed in the bed. She wanted Jason to stop teasing her and fucking eat her already. She had enough of that teasing bullshit. She was afraid to say anything because of the direct and firm tone he gave her earlier but she wanted the torture to stop. As if he read her mind, Jason began to eat his wife’s pussy. She breathed a sigh of relief as her body relaxed. Her senses were more alert than ever as she couldn’t see or touch. Instead, she had to feel his tongue, fingers, and hands. He flicked his tongue quickly on her clit and her body began to shake. She was about to cum even though she didn’t want to. At least not yet.  But Molly didn’t fight the feeling. She let the orgasm rush all over her body. Her toes curled and her hands turned into tight fists. She was in heaven.

But Jason wasn’t quite done. He had one more trick up his sleeve. He pulled out Molly’s Rabbit vibrator and inserted it in her wet pussy. He turned it on and began fucking his wife with her vibrator. Molly screamed at the intense pressure. She didn’t know her body could take the heat. But no wasn’t an answer for her husband. He pressed the bunny clit stimulator against her already-sore clit and turned the power to the highest setting. Molly’s body was shaking hard, to the point the entire bed was moving. She couldn’t take it anymore and felt she was about to explode. Then she did, cumming all over the toy. Another orgasm shook through her body and she collapsed against the bed hard.

Jason smiled at his wife and laid on top of her. He kissed her lips and took the blindfold off her. “Trust me now?”

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