Vera Vision–All Tied Up, Pt. 1


When Jason told Molly he was going to tie her up with work tonight, she really didn’t think he was literal with his words.

             There is a power struggle involved when a couple decides to do business together. It can be very difficult to separate the business aspect from the home life and sometimes those two can be in direct conflict with each other. Jason was the owner/CEO of a maternity clothing line and Molly handled the accounting aspects of the business. Though it was not demanding as other businesses, there were still the struggles. Which price would be best? What clothing piece would look better? Who was the target audience? Their business was fun, yet challenging at the same time.

                It never severely impacted their sex life. Sure, there times where both were too tired to do anything sexual but for the most part, it was business as usual. They tried new things and experimented with different lubricants, toys, and lotions. But when Jason casually brought up the idea of bondage, Molly thought he officially lost his fucking mind. Her? Tied up? No fucking way.

            However, weeks passed and Jason’s curiosity of bondage didn’t seem it was going away anytime soon. He would mention it over breakfast, during sex, after sex. He would casually mention it when they were talking about subjects that weren’t remotely sexual. At first, Molly just ignored him. She figured he would get tired of asking and would drop the subject. When it occurred that wasn’t going to happen, she decided to play the good wife and humor his request. What’s the worse that could happen? She would get rope marks around her wrists.

“Alright, I’ll let you try this little experiment,” she said, “but you better make it a great night because it’s going to be the first and last time you’re going to do this.”

“Not only are you going to love it,” Jason snaked his hands around his wife’s waist, “you’ll love it.”

Molly could tell when her husband was full of shit before he could. It was clear to her he was up to his eyeballs in it. “We’ll see about that,” she smirked.

            Another few weeks passed before Jason acted on his request. Then one evening, Molly received a text message from her husband indicating that night was going to be the night. She questioned aloud as to what the hell Jason was referring to before it occurred to her what he was really talking about. Oh dear, she thought. She had long forgotten about the tied up request and brushed it off but her husband’s memory was very long. Molly took a deep breath and shrugged. She couldn’t knock it until she tried it, right?

            After dinner, Jason led his wife to the sofa where they made small talk. He gave her wine to soothe her nerves. Molly thought he was trying to liquor her up. Two glasses later, Molly was more than relaxed. “If you’re going to tie me up, honey,” she started, “now’s the time to do it before I change my mind.”