Vera Vision–Masquerade Ballin’, Pt. 3


*I broke up Part 2 into two parts because it was just a little too long for my taste…so enjoy!*

Oleg finally stopped Tawny from sucking his cock. She started to frown but quickly smiled when he kneeled in front of her. He put her feet in the straps and spread her legs open. In front of his eyes was her fuzzy snatch. It had just enough hair on it like a trimmed hair cut but not a bush. Oleg thought it was cute. Not too many men could brag their wife had a cute pussy but Tawny was cute and well-maintained.

Oleg quickly went to business by licking her pussy fast. His tongue circled her clit and his mouth occasionally sucked on it. He licked her pussy lips and stuck a couple fingers inside her as he focused on the clit. Meanwhile, Tawny grabbed onto the chains of the swing so she could keep her composure. She threw her head back as her husband ate her out. She moaned quietly as she continued to enjoy the pleasure Oleg was giving her. But he abruptly stopped. There was another time he would finish but Oleg’s cock was begging for release.

He stood up and entered his wife’s tight and wet pussy. They both instantly moaned at the pressure. Oleg again did not waste time as he hit Tawny with hard thrusts, bucking his hips against hers. He reached up and cupped her breasts as he continued to fuck her. Her pussy was squeezing his cock tightly and the feeling was beyond incredible. Soon, Oleg felt he was about to cum and he began to thrust faster inside Tawny. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and shot all over his wife’s lower stomach. Tawny took a finger to wipe a bit of the cum off her and licked it as she watched her husband recover from his orgasm. Seeing him get off was better turned her on more than anything. However, Oleg did not forget about his wife.

He kneeled down and began his tongue assault on her clit again. After the hard fucking Tawny received, she wasn’t sure if she was able to take it. But she wasn’t about to stop Oleg. She watched as his tongue circled her clit and flick it fast in a back and forth motion. Her legs began to shake and her soft moans became louder. Then she came hard all over Oleg’s tongue and pushed his head away from further assaulting her clit. She was way too sore.

As Tawny came back to life, the lights in the room turned on. Behind the mirrors were naked guests wearing masks. On the ceiling were more guests looking down at her and Oleg. All of them were clapping for the couple.

They have been accepted…

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