Vera Vision–Masquerade Ballin’ Pt. 2

891817backTawny considered herself to be tri-sexual; there was nothing that was too taboo for her. The worse thing that could happen was she hated the idea and she would never try it again. So when Oleg brought her to a sex party, she couldn’t help but to wonder if she was really ready for an orgy of sorts. It was the first time in a long minute Tawny felt all of her shit-talking had come back to haunt her.

Still, she was anxious for what she was going to see and later, experience. She didn’t have to wait too long as Oleg led her to a large room at the end of the hallway. The room was dimly lit to the point it was almost dark. A large four-post bed was centered in the room, which was covered from wall to wall with mirrors. Every angle was captured, even the ceiling. And to think, Tawny thought a mirrored-ceiling was pretty kinky.

Oleg unzipped the tiny dress off his wife and let it fall to the floor. He found she was bare naked underneath. In her rush to meet Oleg, Tawny forgone her standard panties and bra. But to him, her nakedness was perfect for Oleg; he didn’t want to take off too many articles of clothing. As Tawny smiled and giggled, her attention was caught by a sturdy contraption in the room.

In a nearby corner, there was a love swing. It was held up by a large post and had leather straps attached to it. Tawny had always seen the love swing in the sex shops her and Oleg frequented but to see one ready for use presented a delicious opportunity she could not resist. She walked over to the swing and sat down on it. She then beckoned Oleg to come over. He didn’t waste any time. Oleg removed his clothing as he walked, almost tripping over his pant leg because he was anxious to get out of it.

He then presented his hard and long cock to his wife. Tawny took the cock in her hand and admired it before she began to suck. It was thick, about one and a half inches. It was a soft cinnamon color, almost reminiscent of a light brown. But Oleg’s cock was just simply beautiful. Other than his muscular chest, Tawny knew it was her favorite part on his body. She loved to ride it, be fucked by it, and be awoken by it. Most of it, she loved to suck it. She loved to test her gag reflexes and see how far she could take it in her mouth. So far, she could take 6 inches. Oleg was about 9 inches long.

Not wasting any more precious time, Tawny open wide and immediately began to suck her husband’s cock. He was delectable and she couldn’t get enough. She used her hands to use a vaccum-cleaner effect to increase the sensation but it was really her mouth and tongue that drove Oleg wild. She would flick her tongue back and forth, teasing the mushroom head.

Meanwhile, her mouth varied from a soft suckling feeling to a hard sucking. Oleg never knew if Tawny was going to let him cum or just keep teasing whenever she gave head. She simply loved to suck her husband’s cock and if she was able to, she would give him head every day of the week.

But she was just getting started…

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