Vera Vision—Masquerade Ballin’, Pt 1.


When Tawny’s husband mentioned he wanted to spice up their sex life, she didn’t think an orgy was what he had in mind.

It was a Friday night. The sky was clear and if one tried hard enough, they could see all the constellations. Tawny was stuck working on a major deadline for her company and was trying her hardest to finish it so she can at least have a late dinner. Completing the project an hour later, Tawny arrived home from a long day at work. She was exhausted, hungry and didn’t have any plans other than to veg out on her sofa, catching up with her shows. However, her husband, Oleg, had other plans. He left a big wrapped box at the doorstep with just a tiny note attached: Put this on and meet me at 2650 Market Street.
Keep your mind open and your options available.

Tawny quickly unwrapped the box and saw a dress that left little to the imagination. A slinky black number that was low-cut and high-cut up her thighs. Suddenly, Tawny was no longer tired and exhausted but quite curious as to what Oleg had in store for her. She assumed it was going to be a nightclub based on the dress. Shaking her head and muttering how tired she was to be out dancing, Tawny followed Oleg’s instructions and put the dress on. She freshened up her look by adding a bit of makeup and putting her long hair in a bun. Then she was off to her unknown destination.

Carefully following the GPS guide, Tawny pulled up to a palatial estate. She double-checked to see if she had the correct address. Sure enough, it was. As she pulled up to the gated entrance, the gates automatically opened. Still unsure, Tawny carefully drove her Corolla inside, alert of any suspicious activity. She followed the curve to the front of the mansion and was in awe. Everything she had read in books and seen in magazines was right before her very eyes. And Tawny felt she was completely out of place. What was a city girl like her doing at a private residence? Who did Oleg know at that place?

All questions were answered when she saw her husband walk out of the front doors, smiling. He was wearing a business suit with an open collar. Clearly, he knew something she didn’t. Tawny turned off the car and greeted him, questioning who he knew and why he was there. Oleg simply shrugged off Tawny’s questions and led her inside. If Tawny thought the mansion was gorgeous on the outside, nothing compared to how it looked on the inside. 17th century art work and antique furniture adorned the mansion. Exquisite lighting was provided by various chandeliers every few feet. The wall paint color was shiny dulce de leche, making the glamour stand out even more. It was fit for royalty. It was fit for the very rich. It was fit for people who were not Tawny and Oleg.

Oleg grabbed two masks and put them on him and Tawny. Once again, Tawny gave him a puzzled look but Oleg just brushed her off. He grabbed two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and handed one to his wife, who quickly downed hers. Oleg smiled and gave his glass to Tawny. He rubbed her back and kissed her temple, silently assuring her to trust him. Tawny let out a sigh and finally relaxed. She still didn’t know what the hell was going on but was willing to try to enjoy her night. Oleg grabbed her hand and led her through the mansion. Walking through the halls, the familiar noises of moaning and screaming indicated there was more to the masquerade ball than what met her eye. She passed by a room and saw a threesome. She passed by another one and saw two women 69’ing each other with a crowd of men watching. She passed through several more rooms with similar scenes and situations. It didn’t take long for Tawny to realize why she was dressed sexily and the mask on her face.

She was going to get fucked that night. It was just a matter by whom….

*Above model is Jessica Drue; photography is by model mayhem/toxic imaging*