Vera Vision Sneak Peek–The Secretary

The_Red_Tape_by_el_wraithBeing a secretary is more than just answering phones; you’re getting paid to be someone’s bitch. And if Jenna had to fax one more asinine contract, she knew whose ass it was going to get shoved up first.

A secretary and boss relationship is very sadomasochist of its own. Even though the boss is the Dominant one, there is no question on who really rules the roost. The submissive secretary controlled everything and if she was good enough, she also controlled exactly when her boss was able to take a shit. There’s a lot of trust involved but there’s also a lot of discipline. The secretary has to rely on the boss to give her implicit instructions on what was needed. Likewise, the boss should depend on the secretary not to make any crucial mistakes that would cost several dollars and much time to repair. It was a lesson that Jenna knew very early in her job career. Professionalism and discipline were required. But she also knew if she fucked up enough times, the punishment could be sweet.

Jenna didn’t know exactly when the D/s play began; it was a natural occurrence. A raised voice there, a stern look here, a strict warning behind closed doors occasionally. But Max never threatened to fire Jenna; there was no need to. When she messed up, it was once in a blue moon, even though he suspected she was starting to fuck up on purpose because she liked the punishment he dished out.

*Above model is Jessica Drue; photography is by Steveophoto*