Vera Vision—Anal Attentive

Jelly First Timer Anal Vibe

The packaging of the toy was clearly made for a woman but what if a man wanted to try it? He was already gay so no one could accuse of him of being effeminate.

There was always something particularly naughty about going in the backdoor. Maybe it was the feeling of sneaking up on someone. Maybe it was the feeling of doing something you had no business doing. But going through the backdoor was always sinfully fun and exciting, at least it was to Hernan. But just like many other young and inexperienced gay mean his age—in other words, he was an anal virgin—he always wondered exactly how it felt to have a cock in his ass. He wasn’t about to go out and get a one-night stand; his life wasn’t going to take that risk. Too many of the available dildos primarily catered to women or very experienced gay men; Hernan wasn’t either. But he needed to do something before he ventured out in dating life. He didn’t want to have just any dick ripping his asshole apart without some experience first.

Just when he was about to give up and log off from the computer, Hernan noticed a peculiar anal toy. It was made for a woman but he was intrigued by the description of it. Jelly’s First Timer was what it was called. It was long, about 6 inches and a bit thin. It became wider at the base for increased pleasure and friction. Hernan thought the toy was perfect for him! It gave him the confidence to experience anal slowly and open his ass to be more accommodating to future lovers. With a few short clicks, he ordered the toy and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Days later, Hernan received the toy in the mail. He quickly opened it up and just stared at it. Was he really about to pop his anal cherry with this toy? He had sex with women; during then, he discovered he really didn’t like pussy no matter how clean it was. But he never had anal sex. He’s had past female lovers become adventurous and gave him a rim job. But now he was about to do some freaky-deeky stuff that he wasn’t sure was a good idea. Maybe he should wait and have the real thing? Maybe he should take that chance? Hernan wrecked his brain for a minute but quickly brushed off any other actions. When he was ready to have sex, he wanted only the biggest and thickest cocks inside of him. But he had to start somewhere didn’t he?

He showered up and cleaned off the toy. He then grabbed a bottle of lube and began working his dick. His masturbation technique, if one would call it that, was nothing special. He was often done within minutes. He didn’t need to take long nor did he want to. The point of masturbating was to get off and as quickly as possible. But Hernan was going to make an exception this time around. He wanted to fully experience everything. He closed his eyes and imagined it was his new and devastatingly cute neighbor that was servicing him. His neighbor, John, was a young high school student. He was barely 18 and Hernan wasn’t sure if John was gay, but in his fantasies, it didn’t matter. Hernan always imagined the young stud sucking his cock nice and slow, occasionally using his hands to increase the pressure. Hernan licked his lips and stroked his cock faster; soon, he shot all over his hands and stomach. He waited a couple minutes to catch his breath before he cleaned up. But he was far from done. He still had the toy to test drive.

Hernan lubed up the toy and his ass so both were pretty slick. He was a bit confused on what position he should try first but figured the easiest way was lying on his side. Now he imagined John was behind him, getting ready to give Hernan the fucking of his life. He inserted the vibe in his tight ass and immediately clinched up. It was a different experience and he was a bit overwhelmed. He never had anything bigger than an index finger in his ass so the vibe took a little getting used to. But once Hernan relaxed, the sensation was heavenly. The vibe felt great in his tight ass and immediately clenched against it. He inserted the jelly vibe more and it hit his G-spot. He kept thrusting the vibe more, hitting the spot every time and it wasn’t long before Hernan shot off. He collapsed on the bed, spent. Now he had to make his fantasy with John a reality…

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