Vera Vision—Hot In Her City


Women always say they can never have too many shoes. Jessica’s take on that was she could never have too many dildos.

Jessica considered herself to be a connoisseur of sex toys. She had them all: the rabbit and its many variations; the bullet, which she kept in the glove compartment; the G-spot vibrator as a gift to herself for scoring that promotion at work. She had toys to stimulate her vulva; toys to stimulate her clit; toys to stimulate her pussy lips. She had toys that wowed her to orgasmic heaven. And then she had toys that were tossed in the garbage almost immediately after the first attempt. How many toys did she own exactly? Not even Jessica knew that answer. It was well over 30.

But it never stopped her from perusing the toy store for something exciting. Her usual monthly trip to the sex shop across the street from her became something sort of an adventure. There were always new toys coming in with different models from her to choose from. It almost like car shopping in a sense except she couldn’t really try it before she bought it. But her newest adventure to the toy store made Jessica a bit disappointed. Nothing was grabbing her attention. As she went down aisle after aisle, she saw the same toys but in different colors. Some toys made her curious to wonder what the hell it was but not stimulating enough to open her wallet. Some toys she wondered how in the hell could anyone’s orifice be that big to accommodate. But the results were still the same: Nothing.

Until she saw something she had never seen before. When Jessica decided to take a visit to her local sex shop to get a new toy, she knew she would bring back something great. She didn’t realize it would be one of the greatest inventions of all time. And it wasn’t the Rabbit. Jessica loved two things in life: music and masturbation. The fact she could combine the two just made her sessions that much more enjoyable. The OhMiBod. Jessica thought it was just the standard dildo until she looked closely at the display case. It was attached to an iPod. As she studied the vibrator more, she realized the vibrator would stimulate her in sync to the beats of her favorite songs. Now she heard about the OhMiBod before and saw it online while she perused through other channels. But to actually see it in person blew her away. Jessica wasted no time in getting the toy and hurried home to try it. It wasn’t a question as to whether or not she was going to like it. Anytime she could masturbate to a hip-hop beat, she was game for.

Her apartment was on fire. No matter how many fans she had on or how high the air conditioner was, the apartment was never cool enough. Jessica opened every single window she could and turned on every fan. Her body had already formed little beads of sweat and her nice up-do was falling into a droopy mess. But her appearance was the last thing on Jessica’s mind. She only had one goal on her plate and that was getting off as many times as she could. She poured a glass of Pinot Grigio and lit scented candles. To Jessica, there were times were all she wanted was to get off as fast as she could before she went on with the rest of her day. But for moments like this one, with a new toy, she had to make it special.

She stripped off her clothing and slumped on the sofa with her legs spread out. Jessica began to nurse her vino as she scrolled through her iPod for a starting song. It was then she quickly realized she needed to make a special playlist for when she wanted to get off. She had the R&B babymakin’ songs. She had the anarchy heavy metals songs. She had the Too-Many-Dingdongs cardio songs. But she needed a special playlist just for getting off. Creating a playlist could wait, according to Jessica, upon hearing one of her favorite songs, “Hot in the City,” by Billy Idol. There was something incredibly sexy about the song even though there was nothing sexual about it at all. Now she was ready for her vibrator.

She turned it on at the lowest setting, just to see if it really worked. Soon she felt small vibrations from the vibrator that matched the bass line of the song. Intrigued, Jessica turned up the vibrator a bit more. She instantly felt a steady pulsating beat on her clit as Billy sang in her ear. She never thought she could so turned on. She then imagined it was Billy who was stroking her as she played with herself. His cock was big and thick just as she imagined it. And he felt so right in her hot and tight pussy. Jessica inserted the vibrator inside her pussy and began to thrust faster, meeting the pace of the song. She was sweating hard and her body was slick with moisture. Her moans were a nice background vocals to the song and the leg of the couch steadied her body. Naturally, at the climax at the song was when Jessica let go and came over her new toy. She let Billy sing in her ear as she started to come down from her high.

The OhMiBod should be renamed to OhMiGod. It was more appropriate, Jessica thought.

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