Vera Vision—Play Time




1. the stimulation or manipulation of one’s own genitals, esp. to orgasm; sexual self-gratification.
2. the stimulation, by manual or other means exclusive of coitus, of another’s genitals, esp. to orgasm.

Char knew her boyfriend was on some shit when he made his latest request. It had been a while since they had sex but he couldn’t have been that desperate. But lo and behold, she was found herself staring at a sex toy with a note:

Play in front of me tonight. xoxoxo

It was official: Josh was definitely smoking some shit and wasn’t sharing with her.

Char hated her boyfriend traveled all the time. Sometimes he was gone for a few days. Other times he was gone for several weeks. It was something she would never get used to, despite the fact they’ve been together for well over a year. But whenever Josh returned home, she sure did love the sexy treats he brought with him. But this new idea he suggested, she wasn’t too keen on. And the new vibrator? She wasn’t sure what the hell it was, exactly.

Char considered their sex life to be active and healthy. No stone was left unturned or how Char liked to put it, “no hole was left unfilled.” They occasionally indulged in toy play but it was nothing major. Some fuzzy handcuffs here, some food play there. She used vibrators on her own but considered masturbation to be her own private time. Now Josh wanted Char to get off in front of him. Was he high? She found herself laying on the bed waiting for Josh to come home. She didn’t know what to expect but was eager to try. Tri-sexual is what she often referred to herself. She couldn’t knock something unless she tried it, right? But there was still some apprehension on what Josh wanted her to do. She didn’t remember this being a part of the so-called “wifely duties.”

The familiar rumble of the Cadillac Escalade signaled Josh was finally home. Now it was showtime. Char hear the front door open, followed by the usual key and briefcase drop. Footsteps echoed in the hallway leading Josh to Char, who was already naked and wearing her trademark smile. She beckoned him to join her on the bed, but he respectfully declined. He came home to see a show; she needed to give him one. He motioned to the Elise vibrator next to his girlfriend. It wasn’t a typical vibrator with a pointy arrow-shaped head. Instead, it look like a personal massage tool, with a sleek and curvy design. It was about 5 ½ inches long and had three power settings: low, medium, and OMG! Josh picked out a good toy, indeed. Now convincing Char to use the toy was an entirely different story.

“Well?” He folded his arms. “I’m waiting.”

Char wanted to roll her eyes. Someone’s being a bit condescending. She decided to humor her boyfriend and masturbate. A one-time and for one-night only screening of ‘Char Plays with Herself’ for her boyfriend. She turned on the Elise to the lowest setting and held it in the palm of her hand. It was velvety smooth and incredibly soft. The vibe was very quiet and if it wasn’t for the soft buzzing in her hand, Char wouldn’t think it was on. Now she was curious. She moved the Elise over her clit, adjusting to the smoothness. The gentle purr of the Elise put her mind at ease and made her body relax as she delved deeper into ecstasy. Soon, Char completely forgot Josh was standing at the bedroom door watching her as she let the vibe take over her body.

Her body moved in a wave-like motion as she began to ride the vibe. With a free hand, she cupped her breasts and felt all over her soft skin. She then turned on the Elise a bit higher. The increased buzz was exactly what the doctor ordered. Char moaned softly when she inserted the vibe. The curve felt heavenly as if her pussy was specifically made for it. She inserted it a bit more and began to stroke herself nicely with it. Normally when Char got off, she imagined it was Josh pleasing her or someone else. But this time, she was solely focused on herself. Now she wanted more. Char turned up the Elise to a higher setting and her body began to shake. She was close to an orgasm and was no longer trying to fight it. She exhaled deeply and let her body take over. Her lower back lifted off the bed and her feet curled. Then she came hard. Char screamed out in pleasure as her body crushed back onto the bed. She continued to moan while her body gently convulsed from the mini-orgasms. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and removed the vibe from her wet pussy. She turned it off and set it aside. Char then looked up at Josh, who was already naked and sporting a hard-on.

“Now that’s over,” he said as he crawled in the bed with his girlfriend, “now we can begin…”

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