Vera Vision—The Heiny Can


This had to have been a fucking joke, right?

Drew’s frat brothers were the kings of practical jokes. There was the time they switched a guy’s stellar report card full of A’s to one that was barely passing. There was another time when a pledge’s BMW was stolen for a joy ride only to be returned the next day in a different color. Now they finally got Drew and boy, did they get them good. They replaced his beloved Heineken with a sex toy named The Heiny Can. What the fuck is that?

Drew loved Heineken. It was his favorite drink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It wasn’t like he didn’t enjoy other beverages; he just preferred Heineken. It was something he considered himself to be an expert on. It was crisp, light, and delicious. Other beers were watery or just flat-out disgusting. But his beloved Heineken? Never a nasty moment! He always went to bed with a Heineken in his stomach and woke up with one the next morning. He kept the beer chilled in the small refrigerator next to his bed. His frat brothers called it lazy. Drew liked to refer to it as being convenient.

It was only a matter of time before the practical joke kings finally pulled one over on Drew. As he worked the crust from his eyes to get some more clarity, Drew studied the Heiny Can. It was exactly just as it was described: a makeshift Heineken can that was a sex toy. It featured one end that had an ass and the other with a pussy. Both were flesh-like and soft to the touch. Curious, Drew stuck his finger inside the pussy hole and felt a massaging sensation, like there were pearls stroking his finger. He was a bit apprehensive about using the toy; he’s only had his hands to do the work and thought sex toys for men were, honestly, only for gay dudes. Drew was far from gay but he was still open to try the Heiny Can. It looked interesting enough and he did feel slightly aroused just by the thought of it. It gave the young man a tantalizing idea. If his frat brothers were going to tease him by replacing his beer with a sex toy, he might as well get some use out of it, right?

Reaching over to his nightstand, Drew grabbed a bottle of lotion and poured some in his hands. He then worked his morning wood for some action, getting it nice and hard. To get his mind off the fact he was about to fuck a beer can, Drew pretended it was his girlfriend, Shelly. She was a curvy blonde with a tight little body and hot mouth to match. He then slid the pussy opening over his shaft. It was surprisingly heavenly. The pressure on his cock was paramount to a real woman. It felt so warm and so tight, it gently squeezed his cock as he kept moving it up and down. He imagined it was Shelly bouncing on his cock, her ass slapping against his thighs. She cooed as she steadily rode him, occasionally screaming out his name. Drew felt himself near an orgasm and was about to shoot off until he thought about the other “pussy.” The toy would’ve been a waste if he didn’t try the ass as well.

Again, Drew thought of his girlfriend as he used the ass portion of the can. He visualized Shelly being on her side as he entered her ass from behind. If he thought the pussy was great, the ass was even more incredible. It was hot and enticing. It enveloped his cock as he thrust harder inside her. She screamed in pleasure, begging him to fuck her more. He grabbed onto her hips as he fucked her harder, filling her little tight ass with his big cock. One of his hands would reach over to play with her clit then moving up to Shelly’s mouth so she could taste his juices. Drew moved the Heiny Can faster, his hips buckling, and his toes curling. Drew couldn’t take it anymore and shot off his hot load inside the can. His body collapsed back on the bed and he was spent. After a few minutes, he gathered his senses and got out of bed. He cleaned up a little before he headed downstairs to enjoy his first Heineken of the day.

“Hey Drew, did you enjoy your Heineken?” One of his frat brothers asked, causing school-girl giggles from the others.

Drew gave a proud smile. “It was the best Heineken I’ve had!”

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